S E A    C H E S T    C O N S T R U C T I O N

Sea Chests were luggage of choice for those who had the luxury of owning one. They are recognizable by their slanted sides and fancy marlinespike rope work handles known as beckets. Finished sea chests were once part of the marlinespike.com product line but for now, the booklet on Sea Chest History and Construction is offered. It contains details on the background of sea chest usage, answers the question about the slanted sides, and lays out construction methods developed by Tim. The booklet assumes basic knowledge of dovetail construction and does not include fully dimensional drawings.

sea chest
cotton side fender
bow whisker or pudding fender

Sea chest plans
Sea Chest Plans
  "Sea Chest History and Construction Plans" - 24 pages and plastic bound to allow it to lay flat. Also contains sources for hard to find materials such as hand forged hinges and wide board lumber. Available to purchase through Etsy.